Tuesday, February 14, 2012

polymer clay bracelet charms

Hello! I made a few polymer clay charms and came up with these bracelets.
I made some mini dead man's party charms. Each one is painted with a white skeleton on one side and a pink skeleton on the other.
 Rubber duckies hold a special place for the child in all of us. I love the way this bracelet came out.
These next two  bracelets were special orders for some friends. This one is "Paris the pit" who  is famous for her heart shaped nose.
 And this is Sophie the chihuahua. She was a challenge so I am so happy that it came out! The customer was so pleased. There is no feeling like when you see someone so happy with your work.
 Sculpting is such a wonderful challenge. I love the way you see things slowly starting to take form.
Which do you like best?
Any suggestions?

Till next time...

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