Thursday, February 2, 2012

Horror Movie Mania! o0o0ooo00oo

Hello! I have been watching too many scary movies lately. They have inspired a the darker side and I designed a few spooky pieces.
I am working on perfecting making skull beads. These pieces are all simple designs.
This bracelet reflects a dream I had of an old time store mannequin. The kind whose face is meant to be bright and cheeful but turns out scary.
 I then made this ring of an angry skull.
 Last I made this green skull ring. It is very similar to my day of the dead ring I made a bit ago. For this ring I used some of my black rose beads for the eyes.
 I really dig these zombie bear earrings I whipped up. Complete with bones and guts.
 I was aiming to make another pair of zombie earrings, but I got so carried away and lost in the creativity of the moment that I made a 3 piece scene. These will have to be ornaments or pendants now. They should remind you to ALWAYS AIM FOR THE HEAD! because if you shoot a zombie in it's guts you may end up dead like this poor guy. And then your lady friend will have to try to save herself...

what will inspire me next?
until then...

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