Monday, January 30, 2012

great news leads to fun jewelry

I got some great news today! I entered a Valentine's Day Challenge by submitting a tutorial   "how-to make Crimson Heart Earrings" on (The voting is open until February 21, I would appreciate if you stopped by to vote for me.)
Well I was received a message yesterday saying my post became an editor's pick and I was awarded 3 months of "pro" membership access to the site. Just when I thought that was cool, I was contacted by the president of the site today notifying me that my post was chosen to be featured on the homepage and was awarded an additional year of "pro" membership access.

Well! I was so excited and inspired! I went right away to my crafting table and made 2 pairs of earrings.
I have always loved anything banana flavored! Now I have these awesome banana earrings
 and check out these goldfish earrings! you can't help but smile and maybe even sing when you see these
 thanks for the support!
till next time...

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