Friday, January 20, 2012

Buttered Waffles with Syrup Earrings - My first tutorial

I am excited to write my first tutorial! I want to share how i make my yummy waffle earrings with you.
First thing you do is roll out your clay to make it all the same thickness. Then take your waffle mold and stamp it over and over across the clay.
 Next take a razor blade and cut out the rectangle that will be your waffles.
 Time to color them. Scrape some yellow from chalk pastels and use a paintbrush to brush it over the waffles. To get just the right toasted color, scrape a bit of brown chalk pastel and use a paintbrush to get the color on the raised edges.
 Now it is time to butter your waffles! Roll out some yellow clay and use a razor to cut thin rectangles.
 From those rectangles cut little squares.
 Place 2 little butter squares randomly on your waffle. You may need to use a tool to pat it down firmly.
 Here are all my buttered waffles, waiting for the syrup to be poured right on.
 Before baking the clay waffles and before using the liquid clay, you will want to make and insert the eyepins that will connect the waffles to jump rings and earring posts.
 I use my Wubbers and 20g wire. Then stick the eyepin into the top center of each waffle best you can.
 I recommend baking the waffles at this point so they are hardened prior to the syrup process. It just makes it much easier to handle. Then take your translucent liquid clay. Here i use FIMO liquid deco gel. Pour a bit in a plastic spoon.
 Then get your chalk pastels and scrape a mix of colors to get your syrup hue. I used some light brown and orange.
 Mix it well so the color is even. Then drizzle the syrup over each waffle taking care to fill each nook.
 Bake the finished waffles. When they are cooled, secure eyepin to earring post with a jump ring. I added a clear seed bead for a fun touch.
 Wear them with pride!

Have fun and be creative. 
I would love to see how yours turn out!

until next time...

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