Sunday, January 15, 2012

my first love! wire wrapped rings

Hello again!
I started making wire wrapped rings when I first began my journey into jewelry. I was amazed at my ability to manipulate wire and add beautiful glass beads to create these fun rings.

I began playing with different wire gauges and colors as well as adding seed beads. I have a blast making these and hope you enjoy the few I will showcase in this post.

This is my starburst heart
 I enjoy the green on green in this emerald bead ring
 Look in to the glass bead... do you see the koi fish?
 This style ring is my "nest". I used red wire with a glass bead that is blue on one side and red on the other. You can roll the bead to suit your mood and outfit.
 This nest ring has a gorgeous pink crackle glass bead. It is so nice when it catches the light.
 when i look at this ring I think of a meteorite falling from the sky and catching all the beautiful colors as it burns.
 And here's a shot focusing on the bead.
 I call this style the spiral ring. It takes a flat glass bead to showcase the wire spiral.
 I used a wood bead resting on a thin silver disk when designing this spiral.
 I love how this crackle bead looks electrified
 This was the first ring i made using copper wire and I am more than pleased with how it came together so nicely with this tiger striped bead.
 This bead is double sided blue and silver. Again you can turn it to match your mood and outfit.
 I love the way the purple center on the blue seed beads pops in this ring.
 Yeehaw! This is my cowgirl ring with a dainty pink seed bead.
 I  made this while searching for the best way to make an adjustable ring.
 This blue on blue spiral can be hypnotizing.
 The bead on this nest ring is silver with one leopard spot.
 This pink on pink spiral ring is such a rose!
 I fell in to a burning ring of fire.
 I used 3 seed beads on each side of this one. I like the bubbles in the center bead.
 And last but not least, this ring is a bit of a monster. I designed it for my niece based on a skirt she had made of the same color diagonal stripes

I am always on the look out for fun and different beads to use as my focal points. I love each and every one.

Until next time...

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