Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to my world... starting with earrings good enough to eat

Hello there! Let's begin with an introduction to me and my creations. My name is Chaz and I love creating! My whole life I have been involved in art. When I was younger I did a bit of ceramics and pottery. I feel like starting ceramics again once I get a kiln. I also have done quite a bit of painting and photography.
My current obsession is jewelry making. I started making wire wrapped rings and then progressed to earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I then began using polymer clay to design and create completely from the ground up.
Here are some earrings I have designed all themed around yummy food I love

these cherries were an instant hit! I am sure when I get my etsy store opened that these will sell quickly.
 i had alot of fun designing these waffles. they were my first project using liquid clay and i am qute pleased
 mmmm mmm! cinnamon rolls! these are my latest creation and second time playing with the liquid clay
 this sushi was time consuming but not very hard. next time i want to get more texture. 
 i am very proud of the detail in these tacos! meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato
 i made these ding dongs using a mold made from mini reese's cups and my clay extruder
 i had a request for pizza and came out with these. i made a full round pizza then cute 8 slices for 4 sets of earrings
 here are my hot dog and hamburger set. more fun details!
 some of my favorite cookies! oreos
 next we have eggs and bacon. if you have 2 piercings you can have an egg and bacon strip on each ear. if you have 1 piercing and still want to mix it up, you can wear an egg in one ear and bacon in the other
These cupcake earrings were a special order based on my niece's business card. Initially I struggled with trying to get the right design for the swirly frosting. After a few tries I came out with these. She loves them!

I am very excited to share my thoughts and workings with you!
I am always open to ideas and challenges and would love to hear your thoughts!.

until next time...

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